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Smoking (s)Kills

I'm about 40y.o. and I'm a bad smoker for over 20 (twenty) years now-this means I was smoking during half (or 50 %, if you prefer) of my life.


Maybe I should start the entry different way :
"My name's Dan and I'm a nicotine addict or hooked on smoking" , whatever.
Not to be boring with another -one of the many, published articles about how unhealthy the smoking is, I'll start with some (maybe curious for some of you) facts. 
I'd like to warn you in advance that this is going to be a very long article,so - get ready.

EPISODE I- facts and some interesting information about the smoking,the tobacco goods,the companies involved in this market and the health impact on the customers.

EPISODE II-the equipment that I've bought and tested for reducing the smoking.Some personal impressions and opinions as a customer.

EPISODE III-my efforts and my achievements by now in the battle with the nicotine addiction.

EPISODE IV-despite of my efforts I still smoke.What's next?


So- the first things, first:


EPISODE I -some facts

Personally checked curious Facts:


  1. The weight of an 80 mm cigarette (8 mm in diameter) is approximately 0.8 grams.
  2. The weight of a new, unpacked 80 mm cigarette pack(8 mm in diameter)with 20 cigarettes in it is approximately 25.0 grams.
  3. The weight of a 100 mm cigarette (8 mm in diameter) is approximately 1.0 grams.
  4. The weight of a new, unpacked 100 mm cigarette pack(8 mm in diameter)with 20 cigarettes in it is approximately 28.7 grams.
  5. The weight of a hand-rolled cigarette with a standard manual rolling machine (see more details below) is somewhere between 0.4 grams-0.7 grams .
  6. The weight of an 80 mm cigarette made with a non-professional electrical cigarette rolling machine (see details below)depends on the adjustments and varies between 0.5 grams-1.6 grams (attention!).
  7. I smoke roughly about two packs daily of 80 mm long cigarettes, which cost me approximately 9.7€ (Euros) daily or about 10.9$ (USD) per day.
  8. For the period of being a smoker, I have invested in tobacco,lighters,cigarettes,cigars,e-cigarettes,liquid tobacco,various gadgets,etc. approximately 69350 € (Euros) or 77680 $ (USD) by now.
  9. From day one I became a smoker I was receiving between xxx * and xxx *mg of nicotine per day.
  10. From day one I became a smoker I was receiving between xxx * and xxx *mg of tar per day and between xxx and xxx mg of over 50 cancerogenic substances per day.


Other Facts - I dig them out from various sources :


  1. More than 4000 chemicals are present in tobacco smoke- at least 250 are known to be harmful and more than 50 of them are known to cause cancer.
  2. Every day over 15 billion cigarettes are smoked worldwide and one-third of them are smoked in China.
  3. The tobacco kills every year about six million people and more than five million of them are users and ex-users.
  4. Every year, tobacco use kills more people than HIV, drug and alcohol abuse, suicides, murders and car accidents combined.
  5. The tobacco also kills worldwide every year about 600 000 nonsmokers, exposed to a second-hand smoke. It would be fair to say the smokers actually kill them.
  6. One billion people in the 21st century will die because of the tobacco use if the current trend continues.
  7. The kids are more than twice as likely as adults to recall tobacco advertising and they are more likely to be influenced to smoke by cigarette advertising.This is why the big tobacco companies market to teens, despite publicly stating that youngsters should not smoke.
  8. More than 500 different e-cigarette brands are currently offered on the market.
  9. These days there are over 460 brands of tobacco liquid available for the consumers.
  10. There are over 7700 different flavors available for the customers.


Some interesting stuff about the electronic devices for smoking (e-cigarettes) that you maybe don't know yet :


  1. The electronic cigarettes and cigars are also called ENDSelectronic nicotine delivery systems.
  2. The e-cigarettes contain toxic chemicals, including an ingredient used in antifreeze and also formaldehyde (probable human carcinogen).The e-cigarettes are unregulated tobacco products and they are not safe.
  3. Almost all e-cigarettes contain nicotine,including some of those that claim they are nicotine-free (!).

  4. The e-cigarettes are not very effective- approximately 76.8 percent of the people who have used e-cigarettes for quitting smoking currently still smoke conventional cigarettes.
  5. In the USA from 2011 to 2013, the e-cigarette use among middle and high school students tripled (!) .
  6. The e-cigarettes also expose others to second-hand emissions.

Let's now mention something about the money involved it the two big industries - the tobacco-related industry and the tobacco alternatives industry (e-cigarettes,etc.):
tobacco industry.jpeg

  1. The global E-cigarettes Industry is estimated to be about $3 billion per year. 
  2. Every year, the tobacco and tobacco-related industry spend more than $400 per customer on marketing and promotions just to make sure the smokers don’t give up on their lethal addiction.This makes about $12.8 billion a year, or $35 million daily.
  3. One of the leading tobacco corporations worldwide Philip Morris International generated from the customers 29.7 billion U.S. dollars of revenue in 2015 as per statista.com

 EPISODE II-the equipment that I've bought and tested for reducing the smoking.Some personal impressions and opinions as a customer.


 Cigarette roller and a Storage Box

I bought this type in which you can keep some tobacco and use it not only at home but also when you go out.

I find it useful for smokers who don't usually smoke much, otherwise, you'll have to get also your tobacco pack together with you.

An option is to prepare your cigarettes at home with it and just use it as a cigarettes storage box.


Manual hand rollers

This is probably the best one for me-I smoke less because it takes me time to roll one (still) and I usually use it at home only.I only roll one cigarette and never more.

After I smoke it I roll another one.For now, this is the most effective for me the way to deal with the nicotine addiction.I found I smoke twice less tobacco by using it.


The manual Single Cigarette Tube Injector is the biggest crap I used so far.

Better get another type manual hand roller(like the one shown just below) or an electric type.



The Electric Cigarette Injector is  simple and very easy to use.

Attention-it will not help you much if you really want to reduce the number of smoked cigarettes unless you adjust by the spring how much

quantity of tobacco to go into the empty cigarette tube.I used a scale to measure the quantity and to properly adjust mine, so the cigarettes produced by me have a bit 

less tobacco by the ones sold in the shops.




EPISODE III-my efforts and my achievements by now in the battle with the nicotine addiction.


As mentioned already the gadget that helped me is the manual hand cigarette roller, because the cigarettes are with smaller size,

the weight of the smoked tobacco is less (per a cigarette) and it takes some time for rolling a cigarette, which is annoying, but this is the idea-so at the end I smoke less.

I successfully achieved to reduce the number of the smoked cigarettes when I go out too.

How I did it?-Just got only a few cigarettes (only a few!) in my pocket and didn't buy any more from the kiosks outside.

I tried and achieved another success by not taking with me any cigarettes at all  when I'm out of home for a relatively short time (half an hour or so).

You can try it yourself and you'll see the difference within few weeks-you can control the consumption of the nicotine bombs easier, even when you are at home.

I've read the book of  Allen Carr "Easy Way to Stop Smoking" , but it didn't help me in my efforts.I have three friends though who also read it and it helped to two them.The don't smoke anymore.The third one still smokes-same as me.The book is quite interesting, even for the non-smokers, not just another brainwashing story, but of course, the self-discipline is essential, so you don't have to expect miracles.I stopped for about a month after reading it , and then during a family gathering - lit the next cigarette.There is a movie too.




EPISODE IV-despite of my efforts I still smoke.What's next?


I still haven't given up , so my efforts to quit smoking will continue.

First of all, I remind daily what the smoking and the nicotine addiction costs me:

  • My health-sexual problems, pain in the chest,coughing,risk of heart attack,risk of cancer
  • My time-why?Because each cigarette cost me about 5-10 minutes.If I smoke a pack-this takes hours of my time every day.Just for smoking
  • My money-already mentioned in Episode I.
  • My mood -yes, the smoking also reflects on my mood too, especially when thinking about the fact that I'm addicted to the tobacco and the nicotine.
  • Inconvenience- where to buy a pack from, to find a place where to smoke,to say "Sorry-I'll be back in a while-I'm going for a smoke"...and much more...



Let me show you something below to cheer you up.


 What happens when a smoker quits smoking:

quit smoking.jpeg
This is more than enough for today.

Will continue tomorrow.


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