Do Blue Light Glasses & Monitor Filters REALLY Work?
Posted by Alexandre Mallette  . January 20
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Video Description
When I bought some Ebay monitor covers for my screens I was surprised to see that they did nothing at all. After this I got a pair of JINS PC Glasses (a popular and reputable eye wear chain in Japan) and was surprised that they were doing nothing as well (or very little vs my hardware store glasses) and so I decided to get some solid tests done (even though they are slightly ghetto as I don't have the money for really expensive gear) and I was shocked to find that the cheaper options were doing the best in terms of blocking out that blue light and letting through the red light.

I then set out on a question to find out what the best pair of pc glasses (or blue light filter specs) work the best, and was shocked with my findings (especially the ebay fraudulent panel).

I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you have any questions or wish to share any insights then feel free to drop a comment below!

I also haven't tested Gunnars or Gamma Flex Rays so if you are interested in sending me a pair then I can test them and report back the results in this video with an annotation or something.

Here are some cheap recommendations that will work pretty well.

Yellow Tinge (look identical to my big ones actually) -

No Tinge (though won't block as much) -


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